Louisa County Volunteer Day 10-25-22 (P.M. Shift)

25 Oct

Louisa County Volunteer Day 10-25-22 (P.M. Shift)

Louisa County Volunteer Day 10-25-22 (P.M. Shift)

Tuesday, October 25, 2022 (12:00 PM to 3:00 PM)

Louisa County Resource Council

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Updated on 10-21-22

Join CAAR and help the Louisa County Resource Council from Noon - 3 p.m. on Tues., Oct. 25th. Their mission is to end hunger in the community by promoting, developing, and delivering essential services to disadvantaged citizens without regard to race, religion, or national origin. We need five volunteers for this shift. Volunteers will be responsible for packing food for deliveries. REALTOR members will receive a complimentary REALTOR t-shirt to wear for the volunteer day. 

1. Carl Garrett
2. Matthias John
3. William Bradford
4. Yolanda Burgess

Please understand this community activity and your commitment to volunteer impacts CAAR, Louisa County Resource Council, and our community overall. If you are not able to attend the event 48-hours advance or less, it is up to you to find another CAAR member to replace you. If you do not show or cannot find a replacement, we request you donate $25 to Louisa County Resource Council. This donation will help cover volunteer/productivity time lost.

This volunteer opportunity is FREE! 

Questions? Contact communications@caar.com. 

Louisa County Resource Council
147 Resource Lane
Louisa, VA 23093

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